Gesig Profile

Name of the company:

GESIG Gesellschaft für Signalanlagen Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Managing Director Austria:

Mr. Siegfried Frisch

Managing Director Germany:

Mr. Michael Hartig

Managing Directors Croatia:

Mr. Darko Posavec
Mr. Josef Siener
Mr. Gerhard Gruber

Managing Director Hungary ( KOEZTECH KFT. ):

Mr. Csaba Stuksza

Nature of business:

Development, production, installation and maintenance of
  • Traffic control systems
  • Traffic surveillance system
  • Traffic guidance systems
  • Traffic data collection and analysis systems
  • Car Park management systems
  • Emergency vehicle equipment
  • Emergency call and remote control systems
  • Alarmsystems
  • Public works technology

Key customers:

  • Authorities (ministries, provincial governments, municipalities, communities)
  • Traffic engineering offices
  • Electric companies
  • Garage operators

Export countries:

Bosnia  &  Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Yemen, Kenya, Latvia, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turky

Group of companies:

GESIG belongs to a private Austrian group of companies and employees more than 650 people, responsible for more than 40 Mio € turnover.

The companies deal mainly with complementary products, systems and services in the field of safety and security in traffic, for objects and for the transport of valuable goods and persons.

Associated companies:

Market position:

From a technological point of view, GESIG holds a top position in Europe and is market leader in Austria in the field of controlling and monitoring active and passive traffic.

GESIG develops and produces systems for traffic control and guidance purposes.

Traffic signal systems

Up to now, approx. 2.000 GESIG traffic signal systems with full electronic controllers have been installed.

The export figures are as follows:

  • Germany 130 controllers
  • Hungary/Czech/Slovakia/Slovenia 65 controllers
  • Near and Middle East 100 controllers
  • Africa 50 controllers
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 35 controllers
  • Latvia 30 controllers

The development of controllers takes place in our own hardware and software house.The controller type TCS has been approved by the TÜV laboratory in Germany.

Traffic guidance control centers

In Vienna (1990) - connection of 1050 controllers
In Bonn, Germany (1992) - connection of 300 controllers
In Munich/Riem (1999) - approx. 60 sites connected
In Györ, Hungary (2000) - approx. 50 sites connected
In Landshut, Germany (2001) - approx. 64 sites connected

40 area control systems of the "MED" type and
40 TCS-Masters: coordination in several cities

The GESIG-traffic-centrals distinguish by their versatility, i.e. different controllers, even of other manufacturers, can be linked to each other due to specific interfaces developed by GESIG.

Tunnel control and queue prevention systems

More than 10 important road-tunnels in the Austrian alps, amongst them the Arlbergtunnel - one of the longest tunnels in Europe - are equipped by GESIG tunnel control systems. A big tunnel project was completed in Aden/Yemen, realized by GESIG.

GESIG tunnel control systems include data collection systems, visibility and CO - measuring devices, light and ventilation control, remote control as well as the control of traffic signal systems.

Traffic data collection and traffic influencing systems

Several procedures for traffic data collection (such as speed, counters, vehicle categories, etc.) are used by GESIG, in order to provide traffic-related results for technical projects. This can be used, amongst other things, for the implementation of complete systemssystems can be implemented, like speed warning systems (SPEED 99), traffic and weather dependant control on highways and expressways (HIWAY 99), toll- and borderstations (AUTOKAT 99)

All these installations can be inspected and demonstrated in different locations of Austria, e.g. on arterial streets in Vienna, south-highway (section Baden-Vienna) and at the tollstation St. Michael.

Company History

1961 - Founding of GESIG Gesellschaft für Signalanlagen Gesellschaft m.b.H, Vienna. Emerged from the division "traffic guidance" of Bewachungsdienst Dr. Frisch, a company established in 1937.

1964 - First-time production of fully electronic controllers for traffic signal systems in Austria, developed and manufactured in-house.

1969 - Parallel to the construction of subway in Vienna, GESIG starts new projects in the fields of traffic signs and road marking.

1970 - Launch of export business, first supplies to East European countries as well as to the Near East and Middle East.

1972 - Extension of product range to include industrial barrier gates and car park control systems.

1974 - Warning and alarm systems for the protection of objects complement the product range offered.

1975 - Beginning of the development of the entirely new 3-level, hierarchical traffic-guiding concept "MIC-MED-MAC", the aim of which is the optimization of traffic flow in regard to technical, ecological and economic aspects.

1976 - Takeover of the business line "traffic control systems" from E. Schrack AG, Vienna.

1978 - GESIG enters the field of tunnelling by supplying the equipment - traffic data collection and tunnel control system - for the Arlberg Tunnel, then the longest road tunnel in Europe.

1979 - At the exhibition "Straße 79" in Vienna, the traffic guidance concept "MIC-MED-MAC" is presented to the experts.

1980 - Takeover of the business line "traffic control systems" from Austria Email Ges.m.b.H., Vienna.

1985 - Founding in Cologne of the subsidiary GESIG/Germany in order to intensifity and promote business in the German market.

1989 - The 1.000th. microprocessor controller of the TCS type is installed at an important intersection in Vienna.

1990 - The new traffic control center in Vienna is put into operation - connection of approx. 800 traffic signal controllers.

1991 - GESIG/Germany is assigned to implement the new central traffic processor in Bonn/Germany, for controlling 300 intersections, with different controllers (different manufacturer and types) being incorporated in the whole system.

1992 - Development of categorizing systems and a radio-controlled toll system based on microwave technology.

1993 - Order to implement a "NON STOP" toll system on the Tauern motorway is obtained from ÖSAG, the Austrian Motorway and Expressway Corporation. Since 5/93 subsidiary Koeztech Rt. in Gyoer, Hungary.

1994 - Planning and preparation of the technical side of the radio-controlled toll system concept for the Tauern motorway according to the guidelines of the latest EU standards. Commencement of various construction and cabling works. The traffic TV system (with colour cameras) is put into operation at the "Süd-Ost Tangente" (Austria`s most used road).

1995 - The toll system is put up and internal trial operation started.

1996 - Austrian barracks are equipped with fully automatic entrance control systems for pedestrians as well as vehicles (electronic guard). Start of the official trial operation of the toll system.

1997- The contracts for the delivery of the video speed gauge TRAVIMO for civil police cars are signed in Austria and Hungary. In total, 50 systems are installed. Over 600 Austrian police cars are equipped with emergency lightbars. Gesig installs several traffic signal controllers in Sarajevo.

1998 - Gesig obtains orders to supply an access control system for Wenzels Square in Prague, Czech Republik; for 25 pay and display machines incl. "Quick", the electronic cash on debit cards, in Schwechat, Austria; and for 11 units in Gmunden, Austria; for the new traffic guidance control center in Munich-Riem, Germany and for the set-up of 18 intersection controllers in Riga, Latvia. An additional 90 police cars are equipped with emergency lightbars.

1999 - 330 pay and display machines with electronic-cash function ("Quick") and remote data transmission to a control center are installed in GRAZ, the capital of the Austrian province Styria. A new high-tech system in Austria. Erection of a security system at the biggest Austrian military training area "Allentsteig". All METRO cash and carry markets in Austria, Hungary and Romania are supplied with barriers at the VIP area. The 100th lightbar is delivered to the Austrian police force. As part of MERCUR 1999, the innovation award of the chamber of Commerce Vienna, GESIG is presented with an award of approval for the development of the "QUICK" system for park and display machine.

2000 - At the Intertraffic 2000 in Amsterdam, the traffic control system VnetS, developed by GESIG for the city of Munich, is presented to the experts. As part of MERCUR 2000, the innovation award of the chamber of Commerce Vienna, GESIG is presented with an award of approval for the development of "light emitting diode (LED) traffic signals".

2001 - GESIG obtains orders for supplying a traffic control system VnetS to Landshut, Germany, for exchanging the tunnel control systems in the Arlberg Tunnel and for providing 64 new pay and display machines PA2/1 to Graz. GESIG installs 150 new pay and display machines in Austria. GESIG also receives the MOBILITY AWARD 2001, from the minister for Transport, Innovation und Technology, Ms. Monika Forstinger, for the development of "Audible Signals for the Visually Impaired and the Blind". As part of MERCUR 2001, the innovation award of the Chamber of Commerce Vienna, GESIG is presented with an award of approval for the development of "Audible Signals for the Visually Impaired and the Blind".

2002 – Set-up of a dynamic car park guidance system with state-of-the-art LED displays and radio data transmission in the town of Bad Ischl. Six car parks with a total of 522 parking spaces are equipped with fully automated GESIG parking systems including payment stations. These are incorporated into the dynamic guidance system and the short-term parking zones are equipped with new pay and display machines. As part of MERCUR 2002, the innovation award of the chamber of Commerce Vienna, GESIG is presented with an award of approval for the development of video speed gauge TRAVIMO.

2003 - Erection of a dynamic Carpark guidance system incl. modern LED message signs and radia data transmission in the City of Neusiedl. In cooperation with company Mobile Parking GmbH. we installed the system “Handy-Parken” in the City of Bludenz for test. The tunnels NEUMARKT IM MÜHLKREIS and LOSENSTEIN are equipped with traffic control systems from GESIG.

2004 - GESIG obtained the order for the enlargement of the parking management system of the City of Graz, additionally 150 Pay and Ticket machines are installed. A VnetS System in Munich-Fröttmanning was installed. The order was a part of the erection of the new Football Stadion for the World Champion Ship 2006.

2005 - The UTC System Sarajevo was installed and setted into operation. 32 Controllers are connected in the first phase. GESIG obtained the order for the delivery of light and sound systems for the Austrian executives in cooperation with Porsche Austria GmbH & Co KG. In sum 1650 cars should be equipped with emergency systems within the end 2006. The Tunnel Project “Bindermichl” in Upper Austria, installation of Hight Control Units and Traffic Guidance Systems, is set into operation.

2006 - GESIG obtained the order for the installation of Riga City UTC System. As well the order for the installation of LED Variable Message Signs along the Arlberg Schnellstraße could be obtained. The Parking Guidance System Feldkirch is set into operation, a similar system as already installed in Bad Ischl. The Tunnel Project Enns is completed.

2007 - GESIG obtained the order for the installation of an UTC System for the City of Ingolstadt, Germany. Two independend projects for traffic information systems are ordered. ARRIVE in cooperation with BMW in Munich and TRAVOLUTION in Ingolstadt in combination with AUDI.

2008 - GESIG and Porsche Austria GmbH & Co KG obtained the order for renewing the complete fleet of the Austria Executives. Step by step within a time period of five years 4.500 vehicles have to be equipped with the light- and sound systems delivered by GESIG.

2009 - GESIG obtained the order for the enlargement of the existing car park management system in the city of Graz, another 180 P & D machines have to be installed and implemented. Within the contract of renewing the fleet of the Austrian Police we received the order to install our Video Speed Measuring device in approx. 40 new cars.